About us



One day, a newborn calico wobbled into Matt’s life. Born near the intersection of Essex and Hester Streets on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Hester launched Matt on a mission to make the very best food for his new kitten. A long time farm-to-table advocate, he developed a nutritionally balanced recipe relying on locally sourced ingredients as much as possible.

With turkey, carrots and pastured eggs from his local farmer’s market, he perfected a wholesome wet-food recipe that contained the optimal balance of nutrients to keep Hester happy and healthy.
Soon, Matt inspired his friend Shabnam to start cooking for her cat, Kuma. Hester and Kuma thrived on their new diet: softer, shinier fur, and an unexpected bonus--no more noxious smells from the litter box!
Chatting over coffee one day, Matt, Shabnam, and fellow cat lover Jenny concluded that other pet owners and their cats could benefit from their experience. They realized that, while many cat owners might love the idea of cooking for their feline friends, not everyone has the time, energy, and know-how. Thus, an idea was born.



We all have a special bond with our pets, and we recognize that the quality of their health and happiness depends on how well we nourish them. We believe in using the same wholesome ingredients we use for meals we would eat ourselves. We value small batches and high quality ingredients over mass produced, factory-farmed foods. We are passionate about making the best product to help your cat thrive: locally sourced, perfectly balanced, complete meals for kittens through adult cats. We cook so you don’t have to!